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Kenneth Praestegaard

This page is made for my bestest friend in the whole wide world.. NO KRISTI IT IS NOT YOU!!   Dun Dun Daa!!!.... Kenneth Praestegaard!!!



Always his friend... Never his girl

Sam Robinson and Tasha Byrne complane the picture you are about to see hurts there eyes... So if you start to have a burning senstaion in your eyes, I suggest to seek medical advise as soon as possible.. oh yea and you can't sue me cus I TOLDYA SO!!!


Don't Cry becuase it's over... Smile becuase it happened!


Kenneth Praestegaard

Age: 14
Birthday: July 30, 1989 (I don't care if you remember his birthday..HE PROBABLY WILL Though!... As long as you Remember mine... SEPTEMBER 28!)
Nickname: K.p. for those of you who are stunned K.P. Stands for Kenneth Praestegaard.. lol.. It also stands for Kim Possible... ah ha!
Favorite Food: Ummmmm... The last time I checked it was Kraft Dinner... But then again it's Kenneth... He could change his mind a million times a day... jkjk! 
Favorite Color: Pink.... umm or maybe it's blue!.. ah ha I really never asked him that before!!!!
Fovoritest Person in the whole wide world: MELANIE ELSON.... hayyy... wait now thats ME... TEE HEE HEE.... yepp!
Favorite Saying: MEH! ( Which he only says it because it annoys me...)
Hobbies: Swimming... Annoying MELANIE... Hanging out at Rob's (Which I still don't see what he spends all his time there... But HEY... it's his life!) ... Making up stupid stories... lol... HAHAHA... Giving people shit!... ERRR... oh yah He also EATS!!!... consently...
Pets: Nipper the cat! [ That cat is UGLY and FAT and hates me just as much as I hate IT!!!]
Favorite Past-Time: Making up stories!!!... or converstaions... about stuff that doesn't make much sence... but then again... FROM MY PERCEPTIVE NOTHING MAKES SENCE!!!!
Friends: Well I don't hang with him anymore...yess TEAR TEAR!.. ME!!!!!!... ah ha! I'm sure he has more friends... Actully I know he does But I have a very angery Grandmother who is makin me get off the computer...
Favorite Cartoon Caracter: Umm... Well he has spent countless hours explaing this to me!!!...SPECIAL ED!... umm.. I think he is the crazy puppet from Crank Yankers!? or some STUPID show like that! ohh..  This Special Ed fellow Calls up people and says "yay" a million times!!!?  hahah... Didn't Eminem beat him up at the 2002 MTV Music Awards?....
Favorite Band- Godsmack ;)






  • Fences
  • Duct Tape
  • "Ouch!"(Last Year)
  • Getting Bailey to spit on mee! (Last Year)
  • I'm learning quickly!!!  lol you better belave it!!!
  • Giving me the flu... ah ha!.. STOP SPREADING THE FLU GERMS...!!! The Flu Virus!!
  • Pull-Ups.... lol.. Still needs summin for that pain!! lol ... PINK CINDERELLA ONES!!
  • Your Very Fat Cat Nipper... who I hate very much..
  • Babysittin!... ohhh Funn time durr... one of these days you WON'T go away when I babysits! lol 
  • Me and My Brillence! I'm Intelligent you know?... lol.. The Sad Part is your still in Denial!!  ah ha! tut tut tut!
  • I'm bigger than you!!!... Beat yah up one of these days... I'll lay yah out!! TEE HEE HEE!
  • Me and My crazy sicknesses!!!
  • Well... When you steal Action Figures you Will go to JAIL!! With Bubba!!! lol... Be Bubba's Bitch...
  • Your Crazy book!!! lol.. When are you gonna show me that? Is you pet Bald Eagle with no feathers on his head thats named fluffly even though he doesn't like his name still stalking me to get info for you book? umm?
  • 2 Words--- Bad Timing!   *Enough said?
  • Baby Melanie--!! Baby Melanie is Getting angery!
  • Numbnuts!!... ah ha!!...
  • 2 words!!! POOL TABLE!!! lol... hahahahaa.. Is that frightning! ah ha!!!
  • Lion's Club=]]
  • Diggin A whole to China..!!!


Ok,... Well I am very very very very very LAZY... yes.. it is a bad character trait to have but I don't really give a fuck anymore... but one thing... MELANIE DOES NOT LOVE KENNETH ANYMORE... yay!!!... but My website will seem empty without all that JUNK about Melanie Loving Kenneth.. errr... It was good while it lasted... but when you see a MELANIE LOVES KENNETH sign don't mind it.. just look past it because it is NOT true!!!

Harvey and Daniel wanted purple on this page... aha.. Don't blame me if your eyes starts to hurt!.. hee hee hee;]

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