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Mackey Foundation

Plz surrport the Mackey foundation! We can't go on without your surport!!!   He needs everyones help!!!


This the offical "MACKEY  FOUNDATION" please give generously. He cant live without your MONEY for smokes and beer and drugs. He normally tortures innocent kids such as MELANIE ELSON and KRISTI SPARKES... and  his biggest target  "LITTLE KIDS" He steals there MONEY... but we must give him credit for kickin NIC FROUDES ASS!!!!!!! sorry nic...but we had to say it!!!! sum one loves MACKEY very much. So please give.....NOW...ummmm sorry for bumming for mackey/..... summ info bout him: name: Jutt Mackey
age: 13 and willing to do ANGTHING! even thing you dont expect! sex: very active and sexy...ummm looks like TOM DELONG from Blink 182...hahahaha''' this isnt ajoke. PHONE #: 1-709-489-1206 to give now. do not wait he cant last... OPERATERS ARE STANDING BY TO TAKE YOUR CALL >>>YES YOUR CALL

Ask for jutt when you call!!
Bye:Peanut and Moo

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