M e L a N i E

|+ Under Constuction +|

"Poppin pills in English is not the way to go." - Brittany Elliott

" Hook us up." Jeff Tobin.. ONE OF THE TOBINS FROM WINDSOR!

"Stop bullshittin, Landon"- Melanie Elson and Kristi Sparkes

" I don't like Kenneth. you want me to yell it out?." -Ravan Stone

"Are you insane." -Melanie Elson

"I'm gonna kick your ass tonite." -Melanie Elson

"OUCH!!!!!"- Melanie Elson, Even though Kenneth and Nick and Prolly Bailey could make a good impression.

"There's a word for people like you. SPED comes to mind."- Melanie Elson

"Who are they?" -MY MOM
"umm Guys from Bishops."- Me
"aha They look like hicks."- My MOM

"Gettin Drunk da weekend?" -Melanie Elson

" Can you say fuck anymore?" -Kenneth Praestegaard

"I'm baaaaaaaaaackk" - Melanie Elson

"Is that a tree house?" -Kristi Sparkes
"No, Kristi, It's an electicral box." -Melanie Elson

"I'm siiiick."- Melanie Elson

"Kenneth PraestAMAgaard"- Beckie Bouzane

"Do you trust me?" -Chinky


" I may be sped, but I'm not stupid "  -Melanie Elson

" I love Kenneth, I DO I DO I DO. " -Melanie Elson

"MEH"- Kenneth Praestegaard

"Smile if your horney."- Landon

" Shut the fuck up before I kcik your ass." -Melanie Elson

" Look at the cool kid with the sunglasses." -Melanie Elson

"I see a white light, Do you see a white light? I see a white light?" -Melanie Elson
"Is it this white light? (Holding up her lighter) -Kristi Sparkes
"No thats not the light, gwaad theres the light again, ohh shit it is the white light."- Melanie Elson

"Got any money?" -Jutsin Mackey.

"Gotta smoke?" -Jess Maidment

"Omii, I don't understand, I'm all confused, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLANE THIS TO ME?"- Melanie Elson

"Fuck."- Melanie Elson

"Hi Melanie,"- Sam Robinson
"Hi Sam," -Melanie Elson

"Gotta get a good seat in class." -Sheldon Boone

"Smile if yah gotta smoke, I knows yah gotta smoke, ahh look your smileing." -Landon

"Loverboy has a name." -Heather Bursey


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