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Da Memories Da Friendz

humm....really nuttin to putt herre

Mee Friendz!!! Me Memories!!!
Cass~*cough*cough* we share the same hate*cough*cough* haha and we all know who that is hummhumm!!! haha K-enneth!!!haha!!! My crazy Kenneth obsession!!! haha Are you ready for a fun filled hour of learning in math class today!!! lol bffaa
Sam~our obsessions!!! haha last year!!! Fries/Pepsi/Smarties/and those corn twist thingies!!! This year Pizza/Pepsi/and the rest of itt!! lol  haha what bout Ted??? I WANT TED!!! "im loved more than you!!!" it doesnt matter if you have a button bout it or nott!! even tho i wasnt mentioned in ur website ur in mine!!!"Sir Bitchy Face" haha Rebecca's false infomation about beer??? humm halloween!!! Casino Froction!!! woooohooo!!! the chess club!!! plz plz can we join!!!haha Hi Sam!!! WAVE bffaanmwtfh
Robert~Haha Diggin a hole to China!!! IM CONFUSSED!!! but thats really nuttin new!!! What starts with a K and ends with enneth??? umm              K-enneth Friday nite at your house?!? haha omii!!! why shouldn't we all be like Melanie??? how much have you been drinkin when you said that??? I dont think the world could handle all kinds of Melanie's roaming the world!!! lol you burrnout!!! *bffaanmwtfh!!
Kenneth~Wow!! God there are really not to many memories with you for all the time we spent together!!! hahahaha lol FENCES!!! god they should die!!! Babysittin!!! thats always funn=] hahah i think we have been over this many timez before haha !!! IM CONFUSSED!!!  IM NOT STUPID!!! yess yup yah!!! haha how many converstaions did we have like that!!! Friday nites at Robs?!? haha funn timez? i spose!!! DUCT TAPE!!! gerr that was not funni and never will be funni!!! omii we fight like an "old couple"??? as from Kristi's piont of view?? hahaha you know you gave me the flu why dont you just admitt it??? umm... LOL!!! I WIN!!! hahaaha BFFAANMWTFH!!! love you!!!lots and lots!!!
Amber~TED!!! "Sir Bitchy Face"haha I WANT TED!!! Bffaa
Kristi~God where do I start??? Bishops!! haha Coffin...Corb...Ricki...hilllbilly...Jut and the rest of em...haha our song... "Grandma got ran over by a raindeer" lol...haha TEACH US HOW TO BE A HOE LIKE YOU!!! haha The Kenneth Strut!!! lol how many times did we try that??? our walks round Windza haha thats a good way to start off a weekend??? THE MARSHMELLOW COAT!!! the awful red jesse james hat!!! haha! Red is not his color!!!TELL HIM DAT!!! BEtty Boop!!! lol Bangs haha God we have been Friends Forever?haha Roberrt =] yesss!!! Whos the Sponge who lives under the sea?  Teddy... Mittins...Mackey  haha!!! I know sumone who likes you? it starts with a K and ends with ennneth!!! you should have seen the look on your face!!!"ewww" haha my little spy!!! haha the guy in the blue hoodie!! god he was hott!!! Ratein guyz on the bench...Frances takein it alll inn! burrn!!!"Evil plans has begun" hahaha our little notes!!! haha Friday nites at Robs?? haha god he was pissed!!!Umm Can I help you ladies with anything!!! Our weekends are that boring there funni!!! The youth center!! schedule appointments with mackey!!! CAMERA!! pics of everyone! Hiscocks!!! wild goose chases on dah lookout of him... hahah!!! Mackie and his splinter dick!!! lol he fucked a stump!!!woooohoooo MOO...your hero!!! holy shit i think you needs a life!!! your hair!!! hahah ummm bffaanmwtfh
Brytanie~wow!!! haha Kenneth is icky!!! man i defended him so many times now i beleave you!!! haha well sumtimes other timez hes like a god in my eyes!!! haha my sick obsession!!! Travis Chris and Joesph!!! wooohooo... HOTTT!!! bffaa
Tasha~ how many times can you say OBSESSSED? and there it goes...the car rolling DOWN over the hill!
Jenn~ thx for helpin me that nite that all that shit went on!!!The bus stop!!! bff
Beckie~ woooohooo....chris/travis/joesph!!!....you bitch you took her only friend!!! The evil lepercon Mr.Chapmen!!! ahahha!!! thats just wrong!!!euww... hes mean!!! SCARY!!! lol..DOGFUCKER!!! i mean TRUCKER!!! wooohooo... dah youth center!!! ahahhaah gotta love the funn times!!!..bffaanmwtfh
Nick~you picked me up and swinged mee i almost flew!! haha!!! My glasses!!!
Jase~ woooohoooo My favorite Cousin!!! hahahah even tho where distant enough not to be related!!!! wooooohoooo Funnn timez at dah youth center with all your relitives!!! hhahaa x0x0x0x....bffaa
Pelly~ you better be good....orr your gonna get anoudeer kick in dah ass
Mark~Mathh=]!!! haha fun timez!! not really tho!!! YOU ARE REALLY REALLY GAYY=]
Jutt~ B-B-Q lighter!!!hahah burrrin out with Kristi and Nic!!! lol mackie and his splinter!!! inhale!!!
Mackie~i know you have smokes!!! sell me sum!!!haha that nite me and kristi called out to you for like an hour!!! the hair flingie thing!!!woooohooo wickadd times at the youth center*rolls eyes*
Matt~God last year!!! hahaha the practice rooms!!! haha!!! god that was funni!!! you should play trumpet again this year!!! burrn!!!
Evan~ Math Class!!! lol!!! annoyin the hell out of mee!!! is what you know how to do best!!! lol pokein mee with ur pencil!!! gerr!!! hahahaa!!! misses mee when im not there do you??? ohh poor muffin!!! lol !!! haha..im misses you know...you shouldnt have moved!!! 
Tash~haha!!! your head rest!!! Ankle holders!!! smokin a pack a day!!! haha!!! ohh how did you find out??? humm!!! that was funni!!! the many nites we played bored games with Tracy!!! all the Blonde Amanda jokes that she didnt catch on too!!! haha!!! Renees Santa? haha BABYSITTIN!!!the amazing things spongbob can do with his TOUNGE!!!
Tracy~God we mastered all the bored games!!! needs to ask Santa for sum for Christmas!!! WTF there is no santa the tooth fairy told mee soo!!! haha!!! DORA THE EXPLORER haha!!! SWIPER! Brandon and his many Fights with mee!!! Chelsey the Drama Queen and well me and Cody Dont have any memories hes 3!Barb!!! hehe and ur sister!!! lol!!!BINGO WHORE....you harrasing bitch you...
Nic Froude~hahahahah SNOW PENIS!!! lol
Vicki~haha!!! okiedokieartichokie!!! where the hell did he cum up with that?? FAG!!! yess bi!!! Career class!!! burrn!!! our walks round skool in English class!!! aha
April~God ur way to fryed to have any memories!!! our walks round skool in Engligh class!!!!
Swathi~LOCKERS!!! hahaa rememebr the combination yet?? haaha!!! humm!!! Im dirty minded haha you dont know many ppl then do you?? haha!!! jk
Da Bishops Clan=]
Coffin~haha noo love lost when you told me you hated mee cause i hated you too!!! no bi...your me friend!!! yesss..bi the way whats ur first name?
Corb~haha mine and kristis many Fone calls!!! surpising you never felll asleep on me and Kristi!!! haha lol ur hott yess ...you look like ur 17 haha yess EAT!!! thats all you do!!! the time i knocked on that old mans door?? hahaha you rann away!!! CHICKIN haha Kristis constant eatin on the fone!!! haha of course i miss you Baby!!! haha!!! that was funni!!! your like a rake!!! IM SPSECIALEREST THAN YOU!!! LOL bff
Ricki~ You out our calone onn mee and it smelled like trees!!! ewww how many times did i wash my coat??? god thats gross=] GANGSTA Dah mall!! haha!!! loves yah!!! are you still my best friend??? haha!!! you better be!!!  lol  Babysittin!!! lol DUCT TAPE!!! BFFaanmwtfh
Jeremy~Hillbilly!!! god your the best!!! haha burrn haha Ricki can pick you up thats funnie!!! you where afraid of mee cause i punched you in the face!!! hahaha "put the holy bible under your pellow and you wont have nitemeres anymore!!!" hahaha buurrrnn i thought you where as green as sobeys that time me and kristi ran away form you coffin and jess in sobeys??? haha lol that wass funnie and Coffin ate the whale??? haha funn timez!!! Kenneth??? My Kenneth??? haha our many times at the mall!!! haha your grounded more than your nott!!! haha!!! your mom talks forever on the fone its almost impossable to hang up with out goin DEAF!!! lol bff
Jutt~ woooohooo.... sum burnt timez we had at the mall!!! Betty Boop! lol....bff
Music Camp=] Da Gander Crowd=]
Adam~Music Camp=] hahaha Hairy he was hott!!! haha even if he was a pet stuffed lion!!! OLIVE!!! haha Spongebob!!! Chelsea!!! her many posters!!!! Friday nite when you forgave herr!!! god i thought i was gonna kill me self if i herd your name anymore!!! haha the swings!!! Sniffin pepper=] bff
Nick~Peterveiw!!! hahaha are you goin tho peterveiw? haha burrn!!! haha you needed a bib!!! haha you double zedd note!!! haha Sniffin pepper
Pippy~haha wow!!! we really should have hung out more often!!! yess!!! our manyy manyy lonng converstations on msn!!!Smokin!!! haha stoned out of our minds in our imagation hahaha!!! your on the top of my list hahaha!!! leave it too you to think of sumin stupid like that!!! Smokee!!! haha!!! Veronica!!! smokin dah Menthol brand!!! lol!!! that gotta taste good!!! lol  STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE!!! haha!! out hero!!! Kim Possible!!! lol!!! gotta love HIM!!! bffaanmwtfh
Melanie~ heyy=] thats my name!!! awesome timez at music camp=]!!! miss you babe!!! Cant wait till next year!!!
Renee~Band buddies!!! ahha burnt timez!!! HORNN!!! haha!!! miss you lots!!!
Dylon~God your never on msn anymore!!! Pushh mee!!! haha the swings!?! Hobo Bob!!! haha Music camp=] you better be there next year!!! haha lol Snifin pepper
Da Botwood Crowd=]
Jenn~haha Wow!!! you really sing good!!! haha Adam and Dylon upsessed with you!!! that had to be funn!!!
Stacey~Benjamin!!! haha you could have him!!! haha and you that i would get mad at you cause you liked him!!! haha!!! bffaa
Meaghan~Wow!!! I love your Blonde hair haha MIME!!!
Emma~Humm even tho ur not from botwood ur goin there anywayzz!!! sorry i forgot about you!!! lol   Theory! with Dave!!! hahahaha!!! humm!!! me and my brillence!!! lol
De Rest of yee!!! Music Camp nuts=]
Benjamin~ wow!!! awesome timez!!! Cal Way=] haha
puhh!!! hahah you gonna eat that??? ewwwwwe!! haha I WANNA BE IN "B" BAND!!! instead of the shit "C" band!!! haha next year is what they always tell mee!!!! haha My stupid sister!!! god she had the hell embassed the hell out of you!!! Chelsea!!! hahaha you where her friend when everyone else hated herr!!!haha The Melanie Dance!!! The slide!!! haha you sat on me!! Nicks Double Zedd note!!! haha!!! BRIGHT SHIRTS nicole says you still wear em!!! SUNSpecks!!! we wherent aloud to go anywhere together nitetime in the dark!!! bein a bitch is what Chelsea knows hoe to be best?!? lol even tho taht was mean it was funni!!! lol bffaanmwtfh
T-Roy~haha...all i need now is to focas on a ring now!!! haha god that was hallious!!! our little walks!!! they where funn!!! and you wanted to marry me...you are 8 for gods sake!!! and im 14!! ohh that would look "cool" haha hairys house!!!
Josh~man me and Benjerman had $10 in that you would be in all of Nicoles classes you aint in a one!!! haha shit!!! yahh!!! your awesome!!!
Peter~haha umm Career class ...that day we talked bout all the little kids shows we used to watch!!! MUSIC CAMP!!!wooooooohoooo!!!
Chelsea Lacey~hahaha god Adam and Dylon where upsessed with you!! haha All those pics that Dylon took!! that was funnie!!! haha i never got any tho!!! haha Hairy!!!
Greg~Your Blue shirts!! how many did you have??? haha!!! we threw your shirt up in a tree!!! haha you where hours tryin to get it down!!! haha My slide dance!!! haha!!!

~*~wow if i left anyone out e-mail me and tell me  oreo_chick202@hotmail.com ...sorry if i did~*~