Anne Frank:The Dairy of a Young Girl

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Hello My name is Melanie Elson and  I'm a grade 9 student at Exploits Valley High Greenwood Division located in Grand Falls - Windsor Newfoundland, Canada. I am doing an English Project about the diary of Anne Frank and how she lived. I have no idea how this page will turn out but i hope you will like it! Please e-mail me with any comments or suggestions that could improve on my website! I would be very thankful! 

I had to read the book called "Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl." Anne Frank was a 13 year old Jewish girl that went into hiding with her family along with another family(family busness parnters the Van Daan's) and a denist later on into the hiding process.


-->All about Anne Frank<--

Birth Date:June 12 ,1929

Birth place:Frankfurt, Germany

Parents: Edith and Otto Frank

siblings: Margot Frank (2 years older than Anne)