Anne Frank:The Dairy of a Young Girl


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Anne Frank...All about her.

On this page i will descibe Anne and how her and her family lived before and during the war

Anne Frank and her family lived in an attic(The Secret Annex) anlong with 4 other people, Mr and Mrs. Van Daans( on some websites it says the Van Pels) and there son Peter along with the family denist.Anne went into the Secret Annex a young girl at the age of 13 not witnessing many changes.25 mounths later she got arrested.Anne Learned so much at her stay during the 25 months at the attic with her family.Anne learned how to accept critasisum, how to love and what the feeling of being loved back means. Anne kept a journal which she reseaved for her thirteenth birthday. Which she named kitty and put her closest thoughts about her parents,her friends,her school work, her past boyfriends and her feelings about the Van Daans(Van Pels) son Peter. Anne had many feelings about Peter which she expresses in her journal.

At a Glance

Name: Anne Frank
Religion: German-Jewish
Date of Birth: June 12, 1929
How long was she in "The Secret Annexe"?: 25 Months
How long was Anne in the Concentration Camp?: 9 months
What was the name of the Concintration Camp that Anne was located at?: Bergen-Belsen
What did Anne die of?: Typhus
How old was Anne when she died?:15
Date of Death: March 1945
Fathers name: Otto Frank Otto Frank
Mothers name: Edith HollanderEdith Frank
Sisters name: Margot Anne and Margot<Anne and Margot 1932
How many times have Anne's diary been published?  3-4 (I'm not very sure it was really hard to find! And not all facts I found on the internet where true!)
How many Lauguages has Anne's Diary been transfered into?: over 55 are documented