Anne Frank:The Dairy of a Young Girl


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Some Pictures!!!

An insight of Anne by Pictures!


<Anne><The diary named Kitty which Anne kept all her thoughts and Dreams in!<Anne and her Mother Edith^<A Page of Anne's Diary^!  <Another page of Anne's Diary!!!<Margot Frank!!! Anne's older sister<Anne and Margots tombstone!<Anne's Father Otto Frank<Anne Frank June 12 1940Otto Frank, centre, with Miep Gies, left,
and other members of his office staff
who helped the Frank and VAn Daan families in hiding
Anne Frank<The last known picture of Anne.
Entrance to the <the enterance to the "Secret Annexe"
Anne's Room<The wasll in Annes's room.
Anne Frank Ice Skating<Anne (in the middle) ice skating with some friends.(Amsterdam 1941)

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