The Pearl-- John Steinbeck


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This is a website about The Pearl, a book we studied in
English class. The whole class never read the whole book,
just the ones who chose the book. I decided to read the
book because it was short and looked pretty interesting.
HA! Looks can be deceiving. I think the book is very boring
and well its not the kind of book I like to read, but I know
some people who enjoyed the book. This website is
surposed to be all about the book, So I'm trying to do the
best I can, But its really hard, because I just merely
skimmed through the book becuase I wanted to get it
finished becuase it was boring. Which in the end was a bad
thing becuase here I am trying to do an assignment on a
book I just glanced at the pages. Most of the time I never
even really looked the page, more like my eyelids. So I
sorta really told on my self, but it's better to tell the truth,
then not do the project. At least I can get some marks for
doing what I did, SO FAR..!