The Pearl-- John Steinbeck


Selected Criticisms
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I did this assignment in English class.

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Directions: Write a character sketch on one of your characters in the novel you are studying. You have briefly around 40 minuets!

Kino- Hard working Pearl diver. ( Some websites say he was a fisherman)
           Devoted husband to Juana and Loving Father to Coyotio.- In the beginnign of the novel Kino wants the Pearl so he could Get married to Juana in a church and Get new clothes, Coyotio could go to school, and he could get medical help for Coyoito.
           Greedy- He was offered so much money for the Pearl but he thought it was worth more
           Stubborn- When the People who buy Pearls tell Kino the Pearl is worth nothing but yet he takes his Pearl other places to see how much he could get for it.

I got an 85% on this assignment..!

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