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foto abulm

On this page I'll describe sum ppl i know...i really do have friends but i dont have pics!!!..haha...these ppl in these pics SCARE MEE...haha...but almost everything scares mee

A mature woman; Size=180 pixels wide

sum old women

here i mote put a pic of sum of my friends having fun!!...and this pld women is really scaring mee

A man in a tux; Size=180 pixels wide

sum ol man

Here I might put another pic of me friends!!..hahaha....in this pic my friends could be enjoying themselves and having funn!!... haha Note**this ol man scares me**

A mother playing with children; Size=180 pixels wide

Lil kids

Here I might write about the hatered i have towards little kids..THEY TRYED TO PANTS MEE..haha..it wasnt funnie to me tho!!!... haha...little kids scare mee tooo!!!...hahahah          alot of shit scares mee

A mature couple; Size=240 pixels wide

two more ol ppl

Here I might talk about other friends that could be enjoying them selves sum where else..i have no idea where tho...hahaha...well like every other pic these ppl are scaring mee too